Thursday, April 21, 2016

Week 13

Shana Moulton

Whispering Pines 6, 2004

Whispering Pines 8, 2004

Whispering Pines 3, 2004

J Jonas

Volcanic Saga, 1989

reanimation video/how to

five minutes of reanimation performance, 2014
--------------------------------------     -----------------------------------------------------------------

Paul Mccarthy
Geroge Brecht 
Drip Music
Car Concert

Pippiloti Rist installations, IMAGE #10

Pipilotti Rist - Ever is Over All, 1997


Thursday, April 7, 2016



**Tony Conrad at Brussels

***TC field recording on Ludlow st (DIY 5-1 system)

****TC Outside the Dream Syndicate 1972

(additional –supplemental for posting

Tony Conrad at the Tate

TC in german

Velvet Underground …drone influence of conrad and angus maclise


Vexations, first ambient music, Erik Satie 1893

Brian Eno, Music for Airports 1978 Eno - Music For

Airports Interview 3min.

LaMonte Young Eternal Music maybe next week --la monte young

dream house:

Thursday, March 10, 2016

Week 6

Max Neuhaus
Our perception of space depends as much
on what we hear as on what we see. 

Steven Vitiello, A Bell for Every Minute 

Alvin Lucier, I Am Sitting in a Room, 1969

(better sound quality)

2010 performance 

Janet Cardiff: PARADISE INSTITUTE | 2001

ELIZABETH PRICE, Woolworth’s Choir, 1979

WOJCIECH BĄKOWSKI (trying to find decent videos to play)
Baby Jesus
Year: 2007

Met Sound Walk: 9:09 John Luther Adams….
To The Listener:
A Note from John Luther Adams
It's a well-worn cliché that the streets of the city are noisy. 
But what happens when we decide to listen to the sounds around us not as noise, but as musical voices?
Suddenly, the whole city becomes an enveloping, never-ending piece of music. 
As we walk the streets with open ears, we hear far more than an undifferentiated roar. We discover much more detail than we might imagine—innumerable small sounds and unexpected pools of stillness. At times we can almost hear the city breathing. 
These two Soundwalks are an invitation to listen more deeply to the music of the city.
All the sounds were recorded in the streets between The Met Fifth Avenue and The Met Breuer. In composing these pieces I’ve added nothing more, but simply sculpted and filtered these street sounds to reveal resonances that lie hidden around us all the time.
Listening carefully you may pick out the faint aura of human voices, the ubiquitous chipping of sparrows, echoes from a distant trumpeter, the melodic contours of a jackhammer, or bell tones emanating from the airbrakes of a passing bus.
These pieces are not complete until you are present—listening, walking your own route, and creating your own unique mix with the sounds you encounter.
The ideal listening balance between the "live" and recorded sounds is one in which you aren't always certain whether a sound you're hearing is coming from your ear buds, your imagination, or from the streets around you.

Monday, March 7, 2016

Of Bodies and Spirits: Soundscapes of Byzantine Thessaloniki
The sonic intentions of architecture are often lost over the centuries. In 2014, a team of researchers investigated the acoustics of Byzantine churches in Thessaloniki, Greece, to retrieve some of that design through sound mapping....